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Roy Latham

Isn't it quite early for sakura? It looks beautiful.

From time to time I check the pier scene on Izu Oshima from the web cam on Tokyo Street Channel. I'd like to take the hydrofoil to the island some day.

Pension Sakuraya

Hi, Roy,

I'm very glad to get your comment!!!
In Japan we have some kinds of Sakura, and this Sakura which I saw on the top of mountain has blossoms very early, it's called "Kanzakura".
After this Kanzakura we will have "Kawazu sakura" on February and March in Southern Izu peninsula.

I have never been to Izu Oshima island in spite of looking it every day from Shirahama.
Actually I tried to go there 3 times in September 15 years ago, but we had typhoon every time and I gave up at last.

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